A downloadable game for Windows

Zero Quest is a turn-based RPG about video game characters that escape their games and live together on a ROM hosting server. The server is in the process of being shutdown - things are disappearing, characters are acting weird, etc.

You play as a rag tag team of characters from no-name/knock-off games. One day an RPG hero character waltzes into your home, breaks your pots, loots your stuff and runs off. He's on a quest to save the world and stop the server being shutdown.

Thus begins your quest to get your stuff back.


(Note: this is an early prototype build with very little to do)


Zero Quest.exe 26 MB


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Deleted post

Hi qubodup.

Thanks for the video. Sorry you had so much trouble with the controls (I tried to explain them on all the signs near the starting point). Here's the main things:

  1. During combat you use the SPACEBAR to time hits and deal bonus damage / block more damage (this is when you see the shrinking circle!).
  2. To target skills (like Heart Action Blast) you need to use the MOUSE.

I'll hopefully have a tutorial ready in my next prototype.