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Zero Quest is a turn-based RPG about video game characters that escape their games and live together on a ROM hosting server. The server is in the process of being shutdown - things are disappearing, characters are acting weird, etc.

You play as a rag tag team of characters from no-name/knock-off games. One day an RPG hero character waltzes into your home, breaks your pots, loots your stuff and runs off. He's on a quest to save the world and stop the server being shutdown.

Thus begins your quest to get your stuff back.


(Note: this is an early prototype build with very little to do)


Zero Quest.exe 15 MB


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Oh, man, I love the concept behind this. The pixel art is delightful, and I particularly like how each character's game style is incorporated into their attacks and skillsets. I do hope this gets developed further- if not, it's still a neat little demo all the same!

New demo when


Someday... I'm not dead yet, honest...

love this game.